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Sustainable Biz Content: Energy

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Recent Sustainable Energy News

 Boralex signs deal to buy French wind power company

Winnipeg Free Press | 2018-04-25
Boralex Inc. has signed a deal to acquire wind power company Kallista Energy Investment SAS from Ardian Infrastructure in a...

 Enzyme that ‘eats’ plastic bottles a game-changer, scientists say

Global News | 2018-04-18
Scientists have created a mutant enzyme that digests plastic bottles. And this “inadvertent” discovery could result in a recycling solution for millions...

 NextEra Energy Partners, LP announces sale of Canadian renewable portfolio

Canada Newswire | 2018-04-05
NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE: NEP) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Canada Pension Plan Investment...

 Ontario wind turbine collapse blamed on single faulty blade

Canadian Manufacturing | 2018-04-03
After an investigation, a Maryland-based renewable energy company has determined that a single faulty blade is responsible for the collapse...

 Alberta’s oil exports face ocean of trouble | 2018-03-21
Alberta’s oil exports are at serious risk. Last month the first supertanker capable of holding two million barrels of oil...

 CDPQ and CKD IM acquire Mexican wind and solar assets

Canada Newswire | 2017-10-12
La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), a long-term institutional investor, and CKD Infraestructura México (CKD IM), a consortium...

 Brookfield said to be considering buying Abengoa’s stake in Atlantica

Globe and Mail | 2017-10-12
Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is in advanced talks to buy the 41.5-per-cent stake in Atlantica Yield PLC held by Abengoa...

 The World’s first investment-grade carbon pricing scheme

Sustainable Brands | 2017-05-26
While the adoption of carbon pricing is on the rise, members of the We Mean Business Coalition, including Barclays, Bank...

 Desjardins invest in renewable energy and clean technologies

Canada Newswire | 2017-04-24
More than $1 billion has been invested to support renewable energy, thanks to financing from Desjardins Group’s Capital Markets Division...

 Massachusetts requests supply of Canadian renewable energy

Global News | 2017-04-23
A request by the state of Massachusetts for a supply of clean, renewable electricity could give a boost to proposals...

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