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Sustainable Biz Content: Energy

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Recent Sustainable Energy News

 CDPQ and CKD IM acquire Mexican wind and solar assets

Canada Newswire | 2017-10-12
La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), a long-term institutional investor, and CKD Infraestructura México (CKD IM), a consortium...

 Brookfield said to be considering buying Abengoa’s stake in Atlantica

Globe and Mail | 2017-10-12
Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is in advanced talks to buy the 41.5-per-cent stake in Atlantica Yield PLC held by Abengoa...

 The World’s first investment-grade carbon pricing scheme

Sustainable Brands | 2017-05-26
While the adoption of carbon pricing is on the rise, members of the We Mean Business Coalition, including Barclays, Bank...

 Desjardins invest in renewable energy and clean technologies

Canada Newswire | 2017-04-24
More than $1 billion has been invested to support renewable energy, thanks to financing from Desjardins Group’s Capital Markets Division...

 Massachusetts requests supply of Canadian renewable energy

Global News | 2017-04-23
A request by the state of Massachusetts for a supply of clean, renewable electricity could give a boost to proposals...

 Renewable power brings new large-scale storage demands | 2017-01-24
The rise of renewable power has created a need for energy storage that companies are fulfilling with underwater balloons, multi-tonne...

 Brookfield pursues SunEdison’s wind and solar assets | 2017-01-24
Brookfield Asset Management Inc., Canada’s largest alternative asset manager, has entered into an exclusive agreement to buy bankrupt SunEdison Inc.’s...

 Brookfield proposes to take 50-60% stake in TerraForm Power

Globe and Mail | 2016-11-18
Brookfield Asset Management Inc proposed on Friday to take a 50-60 per cent stake in bankrupt solar company SunEdison Inc...

 Clean-power sector welcomes Federal procurement policy

Business in Vancouver | 2016-11-16
In early November when federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced a new government procurement policy that will require federal operations...

 Association of electricity firms outline vision for climate goals

Canada Newswire | 2016-11-15
An association of global electricity giants today extended their members’ collective might and expertise to development finance institutions and other...

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