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Sustainable Biz Content: Energy

Recent Sustainable Energy News

 Clean energy takes it place beside fossil fuels

CBC News | 2016-11-15
After more than 35 years of lobbying for the best interests of the oil and gas industry, the Petroleum Services...

 Green-energy that is devastating our rural areas

Financial Post | 2016-11-02
Wind turbines are not “farms” but sophisticated industrial machines, each taller than Toronto’s Royal York Hotel or the Ottawa Peace...

 Kingston Solar wraps up Canada’s largest solar project

Financial Post | 2016-10-23
Chances are that the new record for the largest bond financing by a Canadian-based solar power company will stand for...

 Windstream aims to complete cancelled wind farm

Globe and Mail | 2016-10-23
Windstream Energy LLC, the company that recently won $25-million in damages from a NAFTA tribunal because its offshore wind farm...

 Alberta investing in renewable, natural gas sectors

CBC News | 2016-10-04
Alberta has announced close to $100 million in investments as part of its stated goal to further diversify the provincial...

 Offshore renewable energy agency coming for Canada

CBC News | 2016-10-04
Canada is working on new rules for regulating offshore renewable energy projects, currently a patchwork of laws and procedures that...

 China building world’s largest solar farm

Bloomberg News | 2016-10-04
As China adds record amounts of renewable energy, a solar farm under construction in the Ningxia region of the country’s northwest...

 Canadian Solar brings 200 MW of power online in California

PV Tech | 2016-10-04
PV project developer Recurrent Energy, a subsidiary of ‘Silicon Module Super League’ (SMSL) member Canadian Solar has completed the 200MW...

 Canada lags when it comes to clean energy

Globe and Mail | 2016-09-06
‘We are at a crossroads between reliance on fossil fuels of the past and the renewable energy future ahead.” It was...

 Enbridge to buy Spectra Energy in mega deal

Globe and Mail | 2016-09-06
The $37-billion deal between Canada’s Enbridge Inc. and Houston-based Spectra Energy Corp. will create North America’s largest energy infrastructure company,...

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