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Sustainable Biz Content: Real Estate

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Recent Sustainable Real Estate News

 Toronto looking to alleviate civic stresses such as ice storms

Globe-Net | 2016-12-20
The City of Toronto in conjunction with 100 Resilient Cities launched a major effort today to improve Toronto’s resilience to...

 From brownfields to green energy

What are the advantages of siting renewable energy on brownfields that corporations own?  “Unlocking the Clean Energy Value of Dormant...

 New technology helps benchmark building performance

A new technology company, Arc Skoru Inc., officially launched today by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). This new venture will...

 WELL and BREEAM standards partnering on certification

Construction Dive | 2016-12-06
The International WELL Building Institute and BRE announced this week their plans to collaborate on the WELL and BREEAM standards...

 Walmart rolls out new sustainability committment

Green Biz | 2016-11-08
Walmart is taking the next step in its 11-year sustainability journey, as CEO Doug McMillon announces a series of 2025...

 The federal government pledges to green its buildings

CBC News | 2016-11-08
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Wednesday the federal government will run all its operations on renewable energy by 2025.  “We’re...

 Alberta building code change aims to cut emissions

The Edmonton Journal | 2016-10-27
Alberta has adopted updated energy efficiency requirements to cut greenhouse gas emissions from new buildings. Buildings in the province put out 19...

 LEED Resilient Design is the next building standard

Marketwired | 2016-10-27
GAF is honored to announce that its global headquarters in Parsippany, NJ, is the first building in the world to...

 The Bloc is first US BREEAM development

Environmental Leader | 2016-10-12
The Bloc in Los Angeles has already achieved LEED Silver,  it’s working on a  WELL Building Standard certification and now the...

 Minding the gap between insurance and flood risk

Green Biz | 2016-10-12
According to climate scientists, natural disasters will just get worse as the planet warms. Economist Michael Greenstone, who runs the Energy Policy...

Featured Columns

Strategic Group earns 50 BOMA BEST certifications
Steve McLean | BOMA BEST News | 2015-10-28
Strategic Group has received simultaneous BOMA BEST certifications for 50 buildings in its Calgary portfolio in recognition of their environmental...
Yours Sustainably »
Have your say in ‘Yours Sustainably’
Ann White | Yours Sustainably | 2016-05-01
Who reads comments anymore?  Some news services have actually removed comments from their sites.  Comment sections have become a destination...
BIZ Buzz »
Sustainable business goes mainstream
Ann White | BIZ Buzz | 2016-04-15
In February 2016 Sustainable Biz Canada opened here at to provide news, information and commentary about sustainability issues for...
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