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Sustainable Biz Content: Real Estate

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Recent Sustainable Real Estate News

 Microgrids, still a small player, continue to grow

Energy Manager Today | 2017-03-13
Microgrids are turning into a macro business. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund it is investing $2 billion in a partnership...

 A new dawn for solar energy

Globe and Mail | 2017-03-13
The assembly lines at Jinko Solar whir with the precise efficiency of a high-tech Chinese factory. Workers and robots work...

 How real estate developers can profit from solar

Green Biz | 2017-03-01
After dramatic decreases in the cost of panels, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems generate electricity at costs below utility costs in...

 The economic case for retrofitting buildings

Globe and Mail | 2017-02-28
Beyond social responsibility, more and more data are proving it makes economic sense for landlords to retrofit their buildings and...

 An office building that actually produces energy

The Record | 2017-02-21
Waterloo will soon be home to one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in the country, a building so green...

 Engineering USGBC’s ‘Amazon’ goals: Mahesh Ramanujam

Green Biz | 2017-02-20
The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating is the brand to beat for any...

 Walmart: ‘It doesn’t matter who occupies the White House’

Green Biz | 2017-02-20
On Nov.4, just a few days before the U.S. presidential election, the science-based targets movement officially went mainstream. It was...

 Leduc has the largest rooftop solar system in Western Canada

Pembina Institute | 2017-02-05
Mayor Greg Krischke could barely contain his enthusiasm as he announced the opening of the largest rooftop solar system in...

 Business backs net zero emissions for buildings by 2050

World GBC | 2017-02-05
Three major global businesses have backed the World Green Building Council’s ambitious long-term target to ensure that all buildings are...

 Bulk Barn has embraced the Zero Waste movement

TreeHugger | 2017-02-03
In glorious news for zero wasters, Canada’s largest bulk food chain will accept reusable containers and bags in all stores,...

Featured Columns

Strategic Group earns 50 BOMA BEST certifications
Steve McLean | BOMA BEST News | 2015-10-28
Strategic Group has received simultaneous BOMA BEST certifications for 50 buildings in its Calgary portfolio in recognition of their environmental...
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Have your say in ‘Yours Sustainably’
Ann White | Yours Sustainably | 2016-05-01
Who reads comments anymore?  Some news services have actually removed comments from their sites.  Comment sections have become a destination...
BIZ Buzz »
Sustainable business goes mainstream
Ann White | BIZ Buzz | 2016-04-15
In February 2016 Sustainable Biz Canada opened here at to provide news, information and commentary about sustainability issues for...
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