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Sustainable Biz Content: Real Estate

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Recent Sustainable Real Estate News

 How to push buildings to new levels of efficiency

GreenBiz | 2018-04-18
A new wave of building efficiency that uses data collection and machine learning to make a building’s appliances use power...

 Lowe’s Canada rolls out its ECO Product Program

Canada Newswire | 2018-04-16
Lowe’s Canada, one of Canada’s leading home improvement companies operating or servicing more than 630 corporate and affiliated stores under different banners, is...

 Montreal developer embraces timber-based construction

Globe and Mail | 2018-04-12
Montreal’s trendy Griffintown neighbourhood has experienced a flurry of new condominium construction over the past few years. Amid all those...

 China joins the World Green Building Council community

GreenBiz | 2018-04-12
China’s Green Building Council has officially partnered with the World Green Building Council in a major boost to international efforts...

 Will Halifax be ready for future floods and storms?

Globe and Mail | 2018-04-12
The storm seemed mild by Nova Scotia’s standards: winds reaching only about 70 kilometres an hour. But the tides on...

 ‘Carbon pricing works,’ Canadian economists say

Globe and Mail | 2018-04-12
A group of prominent Canadian economists has endorsed carbon pricing as a “powerful tool” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as...

 Security regulators eye rules for company’s disclosure of risk

Financial Post | 2018-04-12
The Canadian Securities Administrators, an umbrella organization for the country’s 13 provincial and territorial capital markets watchdogs are considering new...

 Rising seas could turn Acadian farms into marshes

Globe and Mail | 2018-04-12
Sackville, N.B. is ringed by more than 30 kilometres of grassy, earthen berms that hold back the Bay of Fundy....

 Triggering sustainability transformations

Corporate Knights | 2018-04-11
In December 2016, Canada’s First Ministers met to discuss, among other issues, the proposed Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and...

 A new age of corporate responsibility is upon us

Environmental Leader | 2018-04-11
Only a quarter into 2018 and it’s already been an incredible year for corporate responsibility across many fronts. Protests, boycotts...

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