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Sustainable Biz Content: Real Estate

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Recent Sustainable Real Estate News

 Choosing to ditch the car commute to the office

Rocky Mountain Institute | 2017-10-12
Which is more valuable, a parking spot at work or help switching to a clean and healthy commute? That is...

 Canada’s renewable energy growth projections scaled back

Financial Post | 2017-10-12
A new report expects growth in Canadian renewable energy capacity to slow in the next five years compared to earlier...

 Future of global responsible forestry focus of FSC meeting

Canada Newswire | 2017-10-11
A broad range of vital topics that will have a profound impact on the future of responsible forestry was discussed...

 Grid resilience depends on distribution-scale solar

GreenBiz | 2017-09-27
When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma blew through the southern United States, they left millions without power. During such natural disasters,...

 Stock exchanges ranked by sustainability disclosure: report

Corporate Knights | 2017-09-27
The world’s largest companies are under-reporting sustainability policies and performance according to a new report.  Measuring Sustainability Disclosure: Ranking the...

 Building the world’s greenest city

Eco-business | 2017-09-25
In her earlier life, Andrea Reimer rummaged through dumpsters, trying to find useful items in other people’s rubbish. Today, she’s fighting...

 Dozens of Japanese towns go off the grid

Energy Manager Today | 2017-09-25
A Miyagi city’s efforts to rebuild its electrical power system after 3/11 mark a quiet shift away from Japan’s old...

 Real estate sector shows jumps in ESG performance

Environmental Leader | 2017-09-21
The global real estate sector has shown tangible improvements in environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, according to the 2017...

 The missing brick in green buildings: The occupant

Eco-Business | 2017-09-20
When CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) removed almost all wastepaper baskets from their offices in a drive to go paperless, staff...

 CaGBC report recommends nationwide retrofit strategy

CaGBC | 2017-09-20
A new report released today by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) delivers a detailed roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from...

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