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Sustainable Biz Content: Real Estate

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Recent Sustainable Real Estate News

 Ontario Power Generation the next green bond issuer

Financial Post | 2018-06-20
The stage has been set for another issue of green bonds, the second in the past week. This time around,...

 London’s central district to use 100% renewables by October

ZME Science | 2018-06-20
London’s famous “Square Mile” central district is going green — not in paint, but in spirit. Though not technically still...

 Winners and losers in an electric car world

Calgary Herald | 2018-06-20
Electric vehicles are coming. Larysa Harpyn talks to Scotiabank commodities analyst Rory Johnston about what vehicle ownership will look like...

 Alberta’s current carbon pricing plan is a big improvement

Pembina Institute | 2018-06-20
Alberta likes to say it’s had a carbon price since 2007. While technically this is true under the old Specified...

 Why resilience discussions resonate with grid modernization

GreenBiz | 2018-06-19
It’s impossible and fiscally irresponsible to have discussions about future investments in grid infrastructure without considering their implications for regional...

 Hydro-Québec sets 20-year energy deal with Massachusetts

Montreal Gazette | 2018-06-15
Hydro-Québec and its American partner came to an agreement with three electricity distributors in Massachusetts on Wednesday to supply the state...

 The path to reliable, clean, and affordable electricity in Alberta

Pembina Institute | 2018-06-14
With Alberta’s commitment to phase out coal-fired power and the introduction of a new renewable energy target, the province’s electricity...

 CPP sells first global green bond, price $1.5-billion

Financial Post | 2018-06-13
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board went green with a bang. The pension fund, which boasts the highest credit score at...

 Plastics Bank uses blockchain to remove plastics waste

Financial Post | 2018-06-12
David Katz is on a mission to democratize material handling and waste management. Since co-founding The Plastic Bank in 2013...

 Cascadia Windows’ wins 2018 CaGBC Green Building Product of the Year

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is pleased to announce that Cascadia Windows is the winner of the 2018 CaGBC Green Building Product of...

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