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Sustainable Biz Content: Sustainable Biz Canada

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 Canadian CFOs set a course to embed sustainability into finance

Globe and Mail | 2017-04-26
His Royal Highness is right: Business as usual is not sustainable. And what we don’t measure, we can’t manage. I...

 Cut fossil fuel to meet climate goals, says Shell-backed report

Eco-business | 2017-04-26
Global coal use must be cut by 70 per cent within 25 years, oil use must fall 30 per cent...

 CEOs urged to invest ‘sleeping giant’ corporate pensions in sustainability

Eco-Business | 2017-04-25
The heads of the world’s largest corporate and investor sustainability initiatives have called on the private sector to mobilise the...

 UK launches research program into CO2 capture technologies

E360 Digest | 2017-04-24
The U.K. government is launching a £8.6 million ($11 million) research effort into developing technologies to remove carbon dioxide and...

 5 companies that get what Earth Day really means

Green Biz | 2017-04-23
For those who engage with GreenBiz regularly, every day is Earth Day. So you’ll forgive me for being less than...

 Canadian green bond market could top $50B annually | 2017-04-22
Canada’s capacity for green bond issues will be at least $56.3 billion in fiscal 2017/18. That’s the finding in a...

 Carbon pricing scheme presents a $120-billion opportunity

Financial Post | 2017-04-21
A $120-billion opportunity exists for companies that can help reduce Canada’s emissions, according to a new report, as the federal...

 A False Creek could be full of dolphins and orcas

CBC | 2017-03-13
Imagine Vancouver’s False Creek teeming with dolphins, orcas and salmon — all swimming among the stand-up paddleboarders and dragon boat racers...

Le 1500 BIZ Montreal’s Le 1500 earns LEED EB:O&M certification

Steve McLean | 2017-01-18
Ivanhoé Cambridge’s Le 1500 has cemented its place as one of the most energy-efficient office buildings in Montreal with a...

Solar Array BIZ Application helps untangle the economics of solar in Alberta

Charles Mandel | 2017-01-13
Adding solar power in Alberta isn’t as simple as mounting some panels on the side of a building and then...

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